Baal Gammon

Mine Name: Baal Gammon

State: Queensland

Status: Historic

Mineral: Copper

Brief description of impact/history:

The Baal Gammon Mine is a long abandoned open cut and underground copper mine located in northern Queensland just off the Herberton to Petford Road, around 1370km northwest of Brisbane.

There is significant acid mine drainage leaking out of the former mine tunnel, impacting on the adjacent creek. At the tunnel’s exist, the pH was 2.6 – extremely acidic – while at the discharge into the creek pH was still strongly acidic at 3.6.

The site is currently owned by nearby base metals miner Kagara Limited, who operate the Mt Garnet zinc-copper mine just to the south.

It is hoped that in the process of a new copper mine that the ongoing environmental legacy from Baal Gammon is remediated.