If you have photographed or documented a mining legacy in Australia we would love you to submit it to this site.

Below is what is required to develop a webpage on a mine site, old or new that matters to you. For most sites we will already have mine name, state, status, mineral, latitude and longitude. To get it started all you really need is at least one image and and a sentence or two on impacts. 240611_Poison_Water_05

A good example page is Eva Creek [but don’t be scared of by the level of detail – it is a good example]

This is the information we need to add your mine to the mining legacies website and database

  1. Mine Name [or name of area with mining related environmental impact if not adjacent to mine]
  2. State
  3. Status [either historic, operating, refinery/processing]
  4. Brief description of impact/history [from a paragraph to a page]
  5. Photographs [at least one, hopefully more] with credits if required. Preferable no larger (or smaller) than 1000 pixels wide at 72dpi.

For new sites, i.e. not already on the mining legacies map we need –

  1. Mining Company Name and website
  2. Latitude and Longitude – prefer decimal
  3. Mineral

This is additional information that would add impact

  1. Information on waste disposal methods/impacts
  2. Background/information documents, by groups, companies [EIS] consultancies, media or……..
  3. Links/contacts for local groups working on mining/environmental impacts
  4. Specific cultural/gender impacts
  5. References